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Welcome to our Platform:


for app users and the general public.


for advertisers, businesses and organisations.

We are a revolutionary application platform designed to provide something for everyone. Whether you are an app user looking for income or an advertiser seeking data information – we can provide it to you.

We are a revolutionary application platform designed to provide something for everyone. Whether you are an app user looking for income or an advertiser seeking data information – we can provide it to you.

Digital media advertising can be expensive and inefficient. Our solution is one of a kind, allowing control to be in the hands of our users and advertisers.

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About AdRiver

AdRiver is a mobile application that allows it’s users to earn money by watching short video advertisements and providing a data feedback for advertisers. Companies want you to see their ads and give your honest opinion. Now with AdRiver, you can make money anytime and anywhere doing exactly that!

We believe that if you have to see ads, you should be compensated for your time and attention for every single ad. So that’s what we do. No rewards, no fine print, no hidden catches. Your time in, is your money out.

How it works?

  1. Download the app onto your Smartphone and create an account
  2. Watch the ad
  3. Select your data feedback (from the options)
  4. Earn money!

Done! Cash out through Paypal when you hit £10 or more.

Earn what you want, when you want and we’ll do our best to keep the river of ads flowing strong!

About StatsFountain

StatsFountain is a website and new power tool, designed for advertisers to engage audiences who are actually watching what you’re showing.

We believe that ads are a display of an organisation’s effort, hard work and passion for what they create and strive towards. So we created StatsFountain to help advertisers get their message truly seen and heard.

How it works?

  1. Sign Up/Login at
  2. Upload your ad video (20 seconds max please!)
  3. Select your demographic preferences and ad budget
  4. Send your ad “down the AdRiver” and review your data feedback.

And that’s that! Edit and make changes while your campaign is live and, analyse near instant data feedback from users!

By combining digital advertising with data feedback we can now give your lost budgets, new value.

Why us?

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Users and General Public

  • As AdRiver grows its ad supply, we intend to provide users earning rates of £10/hr or higher from normal app use. This means AdRiver can help you save for your next treat, your first house or increase your normal income in a realistic time frame.

  • Discover new brands; there are thousands of incredible products out there that you are yet to discover. AdRiver is the perfect way to find something new and unexpected.

  • Finally, a way to turn your data and opinions to money in a simple, legal and limitless scope; something that has never been made available until now.


Advertisers, Businesses and Organisations

  • 100% Verification; none of those “impressions”. Every single ad that you show is viewed by a user who provides manual proof, for that ads view via the data feedback. Quality assured.

  • Comprehensive freedom and flexibility to run market research, tests, polls with different and multiple demographics; and update them before launching major campaigns.

  • Our platform is designed for users to make money and also allows users to buy products they like via our e-commerce feature. If user’s feedback is applied effectively higher conversion rates can become achievable.

Social Impact

How ADR helps charities?

Undoubtedly, 2020 has been one of the most harmful years for a global economy. Charities alongside with the entire sector, have suffered enormously from the COVID-19 outbreak.

During this uncertain time, most British charities reported a spike in demand for their services, but despite this increas, more than half of charities (53%) reported a drop in donations (Charitied Aid Foundation).

Our platform serves a credible solution to assist all registered charities in the United Kingdom across countless valiant causes with their efforts to help the UK get back on its feet and continuing their amazing work!


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